Find The Right Plan for your Buisness

We have designed our plans and pricing to be simple and straightforward. Whether you are looking for a standard or a premium service, we have a solution for you.

Following the submission of the initial application found here, you will be contacted by a TAP IDEA representative who will walk you through initial screening. If approved, you will then be prompted to provide a full data room, submit a $99 application fee, and choose one of the packages below:

Standard Package
$999/ Month

Create Offering profile & landing page on TAP IDEA website

Create & maintain institutional Data Room

Assistance Preparing Private Placement Memorandum

Assistance preparing Subscription Agreement

Assistance Preparing Promissory Note (if Debt)

Assistance preparing Form D SEC Filing

Assistance preparing required state filings

Gold Package
$2,499/ Month

Everything in the Standard Package plus:

Direct Access to dedicated TAP Personnel for ongoing fundraising support

Assistance Developing and distributing marketing materials

Monthly press release distribution

Email Distribution to 2,500 potential investors per month within TAP’s database

Platinum Package
$4,999/ Month

Everything in Gold Package Plus:

Create & maintain institutional Data Room

Email Distribution to 5,000 potential investors per month within TAP’s database

Dedicated Broker Dealer follow up and investor engagement

Weekly training and investor preparation calls with TAP partner

Access to Additional Capital Resources through TAP Affiliate